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Centre Leaders


Meet our amazing centre leaders!

"Every child deserves a champion—an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be." – Rita Pierson

Sweetpeas is a family run business, primarily overseen by our amazing experienced Managing Director, Janine Evans.
Janine Evans

Janine is the Managing Director of all four of our Sweetpeas services, and Nominated Supervisor for Penrith and St Clair. Janine has been an early childhood education and care educator for 30 years in the Penrith region.


Janine is qualified with an Associate Diploma of Social Science (Child Studies) and has many years of experience with children with additional needs and catering to families from a range of different backgrounds.

Janine is a passionate learner and is always excited for professional development opportunities and chances to learn new knowledge and skills. Training Janine has participated in includes: Auslan, behaviour management, inclusion support, reconciliation, nutrition, food safety, child protection, healthy eating and physical activity, social justice in early childhood, and understanding the National Quality Standard.

Other than Janine, Sweetpeas has a small executive management team who own the Sweetpeas companies. To learn more about them, visit our Management Team page!
Each centre has an Assistant Director or Director to ensure there is a responsible person in charge no matter which centre Janine is attending each day.
Cassandra Irvine

Cassie is the Assistant Director and Educational Leader of our Cranebrook centre. Cassie is a qualified early childhood teacher with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education).

Miss Cassie is currently mentoring the wonderful Miss Linda to take over as Assistant Director when Cassie begins her new adventure as a parent in March 2023. 


Linda is qualified with a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and has worked at Sweetpeas Cranebrook since we took over in 2016. Linda has an interest in STEM education and was honoured as a Leader in early childhood STEM education by Little Scientist House in January 2022!

Brooke Howell
Brooke H.jpg
Sarah Williamson
Taylor Dallimore

Brooke is the Assistant Director of our Penrith  centre. Brooke is qualified with a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and joined the Penrith team shortly after we started operating.

Brooke worked with Janine at the beginning her career when she began studying her Certificate III at another service Janine was leading at the time.

Brooke's passion for early childhood education motivated her to continue her professional development, completing her Diploma in 2022 via a work-based traineeship at Sweetpeas. We are so proud of Brooke's development as an educator and now a leader!

Sarah is the Assistant Director of our St Clair centre. Sarah is qualified with a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and previously worked in our Cranebrook centre after joining the Sweetpeas team in 2017.

Sarah moved to Sweetpeas St Clair in late 2021 to be mentored by our previous leader, Jacinta, before she left for maternity leave in April 2022.

Sarah has been an educator for eight years and has previously worked with Janine at other centres in the Penrith area.

Taylor is the Director of our new St Marys centre. Taylor is a qualified early childhood teacher with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)!

Taylor joined the Sweetpeas team in early 2022 as part of our Penrith team, and has several years of experience in other early childhood education services in leadership roles, including Room Leader and Nominated Supervisor.

We are excited to have Taylor's experience and passion for early childhood education in the Sweetpeas family!


If you would like to meet more of our dedicated team of Sweetpeas educators and support staff, please don't hesitate to contact us and book a tour of one of our centres.

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