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Policies and Procedures

Our policies and procedures are guided by the National Law and National Regulations, and are organised below by the seven Quality Areas that make up the National Quality Standard. If you cannot find a specific policy or if you find a policy link that is not working, please contact one of our services.

Development & Education Policy

Use of Technology Policy

Quality Area 2 – Children's health and safety

Administration of First Aid Policy 

Administration of Medication Policy

Arrival and Departure Policy ​

Bush Fire Policy 

Child Protection Policy

Child Safe Environment Policy

Dental Health Policy

Emergency and Evacuation Policy

Excursion Policy 

Food Preparation, Safety and Storage Policy 

Hand Washing Policy 

Head Lice Policy 

Incident, Injury, Trauma & Illness Policy 

Incident Procedure

Infectious Diseases Policy 

Lockdown Policy and Procedure 

  • Cranebrook

  • Penrith

  • St Clair

  • St Marys

Medical Conditions Policy 

Nappy Change and Toileting Policy 

Nutrition Policy 

Safe Transportation of Children Policy

Sleep and Rest Policy

Sun Protection Policy 

Supervision of Children Policy 

Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol-Free Environment Policy

Use and Storage of Dangerous Products Policy

Water Safety Policy 

Work Health and Safety Policy

Quality Area 3 – Physical environment

Quality Area 4 – Staffing arrangements

Determining Responsible Person Policy 

Educational Assistance Policy

Ethical Code of Conduct Policy 

Staff Meeting Policy

Staff Recruitment Policy

Staff Returning After a Period of Extended Leave Policy

Quality Area 5 – Relationships with children

Interactions and Relationships with Children Policy 

Quality Area 7 – Governance and leadership

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy 

Anti-Bias and Inclusion Policy

Babysitting Policy

CCS Governance and Management Policy 

Confidentiality Policy 

Payment of Fees Policy 

Professional Development Policy

Social Media Policy

Sweetpeas Philosophy

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