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Our Staff


Meet our amazing management team and key educators!

"Those that know do, those that understand teach." – Aristotle

Sweetpeas is a family run business, primarily overseen by our amazing experienced Managing Director, passionate educator and Penrith local, Janine Evans. 
Other than Janine, Sweetpeas has a small executive management team who own the Sweetpeas companies. You can learn more about our management team by visiting their
profile page
Each Sweetpeas centre has an Assistant Director or Director to ensure there is a responsible person in charge no matter which centre Janine is attending each day. To learn more about our these great educators, visit our
Centre Leaders profile page!

Apart from our qualified educators, each centre also employs an on-site cook, trained in food preparation, safe food handling and nutritional menu planing. All Sweetpeas centres participate in the
Munch & Move Health Initiative.

If you would like to meet more of our dedicated team of Sweetpeas educators and support staff, please don't hesitate to
contact us and book a tour of one of our centres.
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