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Policy Feedback

Privacy Notice: Feedback submitted via this form will go directly to the company's general email ( which is accessible by Sweetpeas Management, including centre Directors.​


If you would prefer to provide feedback directly to our Managing Director, Janine, please go to the Management tab of the Feedback Portal..

To choose another destination for your feedback, please return to the Feedback Portal and make another selection.

Share your policy feedback with us!

It is important to us that each policy makes sense to everyone it relates to. Are there any parts of this policy that you do not understand?
Have you identified any potential issues with implementing this policy? (i.e. something that doesn't work, mistakes, missing information, etc)
Were there any words or terms that you didn't understand, or you think should be added to the glossary?
Please rate the overall readability of this policy. How easy is it to read and understand?
Very hard to read!Not easy to readOK to readEasy to readVery easy to read!
Do you have any questions about the policy or its content?
Do you have any suggestions or ideas about how to improve the policy?
Is there any other feedback you would like to share?
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You do not need to share your name if you don't want to, but we would love a bit more information about where this feedback is coming from.

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Thanks for sharing! You are contributing to the continuous improvement of our service.

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